Violet Raindrops
Something needs to be said, but my mind is still in chaos. He’s looking at me, I know it; he’s also listening, sneakily, to hear my honest impression about it. His sudden laugh makes me look up from the table. Of course he’s listening. You know I can’t help it, he says. Oh, I know that, but you also know I don’t like it.[Read More]
The Curse and the Blessing of the Rainbow Fish
The first customers of the day were two children, pointing to the rainbow fish swimming in the bucket, saying it's from a dream they had the night before. I didn’t pay attention to them, I couldn’t wait to go home and propose to the love of my life; she’d never believe where the golden bracelet was from.[Read More]
Stay Behind and Grow Up
I was exactly nine and a half years old when a big part of my day-to-day life started cracking, letting doubt slip into me. It was an ordinary lesson in class when - for some reason - I decided to entrust my teacher and the other pupils with something I didn’t know was supposed to stay a secret; it had never occurred to me others might find it shameful.[Read More]
The Very Me
"Okay, I’ll tell you what happened. What I remember, anyway. Give me a second to search through my memories..."This is about the day I lost me.I’m waiting for my final exam results, the moment I will finally become a cop. Or, well, not exactly a cop but - due to my personality - a robo cop.[Read More]
Call Me Rob
I took a deep breath and knocked at the door... I had been waiting for this moment for a long time now, but I was still racked with nerves thinking what laid ahead. After all, you don’t get to talk about your deepest, most secret desires every day.[Read More]
Lift: Our Story
I could sense he wanted to say something by the way he was looking at me, eyes wide open. But I waited patiently, brushing his hair with my fingers, until he gathered his strength. "Why... Lift?" I smiled with melancholy when memories started flowing through. There were so many of them, still fresh like it had happened yesterday...[Read More]
Coconut Shy
Date: First of June 2127 - This is the day I finally see him, at the local games festival. I know I am just a face in a crowd watching a very handsome man throwing a ball into some bottles. You know, one of those games in which you win fluffy, useless toys and you have the chance to show off in front of your crush.[Read More]
My Personal Mission
Oh, hello. I guess you expected me here, together again. How do you feel? Ah, never mind... I can sense your tensed muscles and sudden movements, although you're trying to hide it. We know what that means, right? We've learned it once. You don't like me. You don't want me here. But I have all the rights to be here, and so do you. [Read More]
Searching for My Other Half
Day 29 - And then I did something I wasn’t supposed to do: I looked back. Day Zero - New house. New city, new country. New personal mission. Feeling impatient, I wish I could just finish it all soon. But I can’t rush. A trace of doubt crosses my mind. What if he wouldn’t like me?… I quickly reject the thought. He needs to.[Read More]