Today I’m supposed to describe someone I’ve met in the past year, whose path intersected mine. Well, I had someone in mind from the first seconds I saw the assignment, but after other few seconds, I’ve decided I’d rather not write about that person. Why? Well, read this post here and perhaps you’ll understand the reason… Instead I’m going to write about something else. Different personalities that I recently met.

First I met the “self-sufficient” girl. She didn’t have anyone in particular in her life, but she didn’t have to. She was happy and others were happy around her. She wore glasses and she didn’t mind, she dressed as she wanted to, and others’ opinions didn’t matter to her. She preferred staying home and revising instead of getting drunk in a pub somewhere. She had boy friends but no boyfriend, and she didn’t seem bothered about this; she never cried, or at least she was laughing much more often than she was crying. She was free…

Then I met a dreamer. She wanted love, without knowing what that means. She wanted to fall, hoping that this way she’d feel alive. She sometimes wore contact lenses and make-up, trying to look different, trying to impress who knows who, trying everything without knowing what to do. She was laughing and talking to the guys, always aware of how she moved, what she said, what she looked like. But she didn’t know what to do. She was just dreaming…

Then I met one “half”. Deep in love, with the whole world surrounding around that one person. She didn’t care too much about the others, ‘cuz  she lived in her perfect world. With a smile on her face and always dressed pretty, she believed in second chances and was really optimistic. She was happy to have all her happiness depending on one person only, and she didn’t care about that. She was flying above the others, above the ordinary things. Floating on a cloud, I’d say.

Then I met the lost girl. She didn’t care about anything that happened around her, she had a lost look in her eyes, eyes that have been washed with so many tears. She was skinny and the clothes didn’t fit her any more and her hair was a mess, but she didn’t mind it. She enjoyed being alone and she thought too much. She rarely laughed, and even more rarely tried to make other laugh. She was sad… And it was even sadder to see her like that.

Then I met Violet. Violet seems an interesting girl, as you can see from her short description presented in my first post, here. Violet is challenging herself to stay in the middle. In the middle of what? Of everything, I guess… She cries, she laughs, she stays with her friends but also enjoys being alone, she’s putting everything in balance and tries to keep things that way. It’s hard, I’d say. Almost impossible not to fall on one side or another. But who am I to judge?

And now I meet my own eyes in the mirror, and I wonder who I’ll be next.