Hey, how do you feel today?

Well, what do you think? We both know we’re not going anywhere with this…

I know you have the impression that you love him. But really, do you?… How can you be sure?

I just feel it… Really hard. I can’t even explain it to someone else… It’s like – a short break, no longer than a heartbeat – I melt when I see him, when he looks at me.

A sigh. It’s not the right thing, you know? He’s leaving in a month, and it looks like there’s no chance of coming back… What are we going to do then?

We? Well, I don’t care about you. I’ll be happy. He just completes me, I feel it.

But he’s not the right one… He can’t be. Remember all he’s done to you in the past-

It’s your job to remember, mine is to feel, to feel the feelings I’ve been dreaming of- you’ve been dreaming of.

You’ll get smashed. Broken into pieces. It will be hard to find someone else to put you back together. You’ll regret it.

I take that risk. And please stop thinking that much…

Well, still, are you sure? Believe me, you don’t deserve him-

But I know he loves me-

However, if you get hurt-

At least it will be a lesson learned, that will never be repeated-

You know you always say that!

Silence. A heartbeat, then another.

A sigh. I don’t agree with you, but fine, we’ll do as you say. And you’re the stupid one here, believe me. Now lead the way, please.

And I followed my heart. Should I have listened to my mind instead?

[11.06.2014 – written for the Writing 101 Challenge, Dialogue between Different Perspectives]